bureau Plattner is a firm of tax advisors, auditors and lawyers with a long history. Our Firm was founded in Bolzano in 1969 and then in 2013 we joined forces with the firm Petrucci & Partners. In 2021, the boutique Pollio & Associati, founded by Marcello Pollio, added its specialist expertise in business restructuring and insolvency procedures to our firm. In 2023, Jenny Avvocati, a long-standing boutique, specialized in corporate law and international transactions, joined our firm. Today we are present in Italy in Bolzano (South Tyrol), Milan, Genoa and Merano (South Tyrol) with 200 team members. In Germany, we have a representative office in Munich.

Our team is made up of motivated and determined professionals who work synergistically, able to assist clients thanks to their competence and experience. Our strength is our approach aimed at finding a solution. Our objective is to provide our clients with an interdisciplinary advisory in tax, legal, audit, corporate finance, accounting, payroll and insolvency & restructuring.

One of our main activities is advising international groups working in Italy.


In our everyday work we are committed to guaranteeing our clients the highest level of professional standards. Our sole goal is finding solutions for our clients. We interpret our work not as a simple external advisory but we consider ourselves our clients’ partners where trust is paramount in our business relationships. To achieve this goal, it is important for us to rely on certain shared values during the execution of our job, which identify our Firm in our cooperation with the client.


We supply concrete answers to concrete questions or situations. We analyse details and provide practical solutions that are comprehensible for the clients and that will generate the greatest benefit to them.


The close collaboration between tax advisors, auditors and lawyers allows us to elaborate solutions that take into account all aspects of every single case. In particular, when facing interdisciplinary issues, we are able to blend the know-how of each specialist into one unique solution.


We work with great passion and commitment to meet our clients’ needs. We consider the clients’ problems our own and we resolve them in an efficient way and in the best interests of the client. Our independence from any external influence or conflict of interest is a cornerstone of our business.


We offer our clients access to an international network of consultants through which we can meet the needs of companies working in more than one jurisdiction. At the same time we are able to competently and efficiently assist companies that are controlled in Italy by international groups.

We are members of Moore Global Network, a worldwide network of independent tax and accounting firms, made up of 300 firms and 600 offices in over 100 different countries.

We are members of Warwick Legal Network, a worldwide network of independent law firms that has over 40 firms and more than 500 lawyers in 30 different countries.

We are also members of CBBL Cross Border Business Lawyers, a worldwide network of German-speaking business lawyers and tax advisors that has over 61 member firms in over 60 different countries.